Zoe Wampler began working with Jane Franklin Dance as a Development Associate in August 2019.  In welcoming Zoe to the JFD community, we thought you might be curious about her background, her artistic projects, and her experience thus far in Arlington.

What is your background in Dance?
I started dancing when I was around 8 and haven’t stopped since! I studied ballet, modern, jazz, and hip hop all throughout highschool then went on to get my B.F.A. in Dance & Choreography from Virginia Commonwealth University in Spring, 2019. I’ve also studied abroad in Jerusalem, Israel with a focus on Gaga Technique and in Cholula, Mexico, studying Cunningham and Continuum techniques. In addition to performing, I’m passionate about creating interdisciplinary dance works, with my most recent being a fusion of dance and virtual reality that was presented at the Hind Gallery in Richmond, VA as well as Dusklit Interactive Art Festival in Sugarloaf, NY.

What is your role with Jane Franklin Dance?
My role with JFD is mostly grant-writing and development research, but you will also sometimes catch me teaching at day camps or at local arts events on behalf of the organization.

What projects (artistic, community, etc) are you working on right now?
Other than my development work with JFD, I’m currently interning with Christopher K. Morgan and Artists, grant-writing for Fractal Theatre Collective, and dancing with Choreographers Collaboration Project. Creatively, I’m working on developing a new solo work based on the concepts of Michael Foucault’s idea of ‘Heterotopias’, otherwise identified as odd, disturbing, or queer public and cultural spaces.

What excites you about working with Jane Franklin Dance?
Since I’ve started working with JFD, it’s become evidently clear how important the organization’s work is for the Arlington community. I’m excited to be experiencing and helping to support more inter-generational art as well as getting to know the community more in depth.

Can you share a highlight of your time so far with Jane Franklin Dance?
So far, the most impactful moment I’ve had was watching Jane and company member Becca teach one of the company’s summer kids camps. To see how they never underestimated their ability and potential to learn and retain information was really unique to me. This then led to one of the most complex children’s performance works I’ve ever seen! They looked like professionals!