Thanks to Our Contributors

Season Sponsors
Arlington County through Arlington Cultural Affairs, a division of Arlington Economic Development, and the Arlington Commission for the Arts
Washington Forrest Foundation
Alexandria Commission for the Arts
Hollister-Clagett Family Foundation
RunningBrooke Foundation
Clark-Winchcole Foundation
Virginia Commission for the Arts and National Endowment for the Arts
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Paul Mellon Arts in Education Program
Arlington Community Foundation-Arlington Education Fund

Project Sponsors

David & Carolyn Brown, Harry & Florence Katrivanos, Allen & Gerda Keiswetter, Claudia Maloney, Tracy Navarro & Brian Stuart, Robert and Joelle Rudney, Peg Schaefer, Robert and Gayle Shank

Performance Sponsors

Ashley Benes, ACT Community Investment Fund, Colleen Bergeron, David & Patty Bristol, Jan Canterbury, Gail Bingham, Shirah Cohen, Cara Davis, Diane Dorius, Elizabeth and Bill Fogarty, Susannah Keefe, Mike & Pam Kronzer in honor of Trina Navarro, Patricia Hall, Wesley MacAdam, Alyxandrea Ouellette, Scott and Renee Rohr, Meredith Sims, Barbara Slavin, Stout Risius Ross LLC, Pamela Sutherland, Christine Tarrago, Dolores Vestrich, Linda Vitello

Workshop, Scholarship Sponsors

Joanne Burke, Chanda Choun, Sunee Claud, Emily Crews, Evelyn Davis, Kathleen Davis, Kevin Davis, Rima Faber, Susan Amber Gordon, John Hogan, Grace Holden, Holy Cow Burgers Fund, Amanda Hoxworth, Penelope Jones, Elisa Kosarin, K.C. & Janelle Bradford, Mary Lawler, Joseph Manson, Billy and Lindsay McLaughlin, Margaret McKelvey, Laura McLaughlin, Perfect Pointe Dance Studio, Michael Raizen, Elizabeth Rouse, Marsha Semmel, Sheri Shunfenthal, Sue Skaddan, Matthew Stensrud, Joseph Schmitz in honor of Diane Dorius, Elaine Topodas, Nelly Urbach,  Margaret Wohler, Tina Wordon, Jennifer and Warren Wright, John Jr. & Mary Louise Wright

Silent Auction and Production Support
&pizza, Arena Stage, Arlington Magazine, Atlas Performing Arts Center, Barbara Jazzo Massage, The Blackwall Hitch, Buffalo Gap Retreat, Capital Fringe Festival, Dance Place, Earth Treks Climbing Center, Encore Stage & Studio, Extra-Circulatory Massage Therapy, Great American Restaurants, Jammin Java, Lebanese Taverna,  Lost Dog Cafe, Metro 29 Diner, New District Brewing Company, Newseum, Palette22, Perfect Pointe Dance Studio, Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza, Port City Brewing Company, Signature Theatre, Sun & Moon Yoga, Synetic Theatre, The Artisans, Trapeze School, Vamoose Bus Company, Washington Capitals, Washington Improv Theatre, Washington Nationals, Washington Performing Arts Society, Wolf Trap Foundation, WSC Avant Bard

photographs by Gail Bingham, Andrew Bossi, Raymond Gniewek, Paul Gillis Photography, Michael Levy, SoundShooter Photo, Jim Turner, Becca Weiss

IT: Michael Levy
Web Master: Jane Franklin

Participation in is provided through a partnership with Arlington Cultural Affairs

Jane Franklin Dance is a charity recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3). Thank you for your kindness in supporting our artistic mission. A financial statement is available upon written request from the Office of Charitable and Regulatory Programs.  For further information, find details in the IRS brochure: IRS Charitable Contribution Disclosure Requirements



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