Mix It Up, a concert series at Theatre on the Run in Arlington features dance, music and movement by distinctive Washington DC area artists. Each week look for a different up-close performance.  Mix It Up takes place on Saturdays November 9, 16 and 23, 2019 at 7:30 pm with performances by Jane Franklin Dance, Forty+ by Kelsey Rohr, Light Switch Dance Theatre and choreography by Emily Crews and Rachel Luebbert.  

November 9, 2019:

  •         JFD’s “Going Polar” is a devised movement-theatre work about an old concept, that “opposites attract.”  Though most commonly associated with personal relationships, “opposites attract” remains part of the belief system that a little tension is a good thing.  As evident in the current climate of cultural divides, it is more common that people are attracted to those who hold the same views and values as themselves. It’s difficult to change someone’s mind; easy to not be swayed. Music is by Mark Sylvester, a skilled guitarist and composer.
  •         New Work for Forty+ is by Kelsey Rohr. Forty+ is a group of community based dancers. Through this new work developed by Kelsey Rohr, we experience the collective creativity of people past the age of 40. 
  •         Emily Crews of Footworks Percussive Dance Ensemble presents a delightful clogging duet titled In Excess that brings audiences a high energy, percussive experience. Clogging is a type of traditional step-dance that grew out of the mixing of Irish and English percussive dance forms with tap dance. Although clogging is often danced to string-band music, in this piece, Emily seeks to turn tradition on its head by pairing it with an 80s pop song by INXS.

November 16, 2019

  •         Jane Franklin Dance – Going Polar
  •          Cool AidLight Switch Dance Theatre’s newest work is a physical exploration of social conformity. Through this collage piece we explore the historical trends of social conformity and it’s imprint on the 21st century. LSDT investigates the ease of losing individual and cultural identity to conform to social groups; that sometimes leads to our own destruction through the simplicity of language and inflection. Through dance, performance art, and multimedia art LSDT presents an excerpt from this new evening length that will encourage the imperative use of synthesis and inference in order to sustain one’s identity..  Choreography is by Sandra C. Atkinson  in collaboration with LSDT Performers
  • Composition choreographers present their original performance pieces after an 8-week investigative course.  The slate of artists and their works will be announced in the coming weeks.

November 23, 2019

  •         Jane Franklin Dance – Going Polar
  •         “Rosie”, a duet choreographed by Rachel Luebbert, is performed by dancers adorned in pink wigs and blazers that unpack the complex implications of the color pink across different stages of life.

Join us for three unique evenings with DMV area artists.
November 9, 16, 23 at 7:30 pm
Theatre on the Run
3700 S Four Mile Run Dr, Arlington VA 22206 

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