Welcome to the Season Kick-Off



Are you up for some synergy and interplay? Engaging ideas are coming your way this fall.  The ball gets rolling on Sept 12 with a Zoom performance event that is filled with interactive moments, real time performance, dance for camera and video, all from the ease of your own living room.       

  •  Do Not Touch – A theme of opposition comes together in real time and video thanks to Arlington Arts Center.  All cast members were able to be together, to dance together, to celebrate the energy of moving bodies, and the joys of two special afternoons in August.
  • Forty+  presents “I Can Cook Too” a new dance for camera by Philip Baraoidan. The fun quirky video jazz piece makes you want to snap your fingers, tap your toes and get to work in your own kitchen.
  • Auto-Audio – In the 3700 S Four Mile Run Dr. parking lot, dancers romp to music by local composer David Schulman and surf guitar “Apache” by The Shadows.  Car headlights are used as illumination and the sound system rocks from the back of a Honda Fit.

September 12 at 7:30 pm: registration is required



Tickets by donation $10 suggested minimum

*donations of $20 and above receive a free viewing code for a Vimeo on Demand performance