highlights the landscapes near 3700 S Four Mile Run Drive, a somewhat non-gentrified neighborhood that spans across Nelson Street, the footbridge and Jennie Dean Park and curves around to South Oakland Street. This area is a heavy utilized, an under recognized public site drawing bike path and recreation users, footbridge traffic and individuals to the auto repair shops, the Shirlington Dog Park, AFAC, New District, Shirlington Education and Employment Center and other businesses.

This project brings awareness of the physical location and the diversity, seeks to find common ground and engages people through audio and video interviews. Participation will range from one-on-one audio and video interviews, to observers and audience, to the community members who take part in a multi-camera production. Ipods and iphones will be used to record outdoor performance that is linked and manipulated using Switcher Studio, a mobile live video creation platform.

Portions of the outdoor performances, plus additional audio and video interviews will be woven into a two part production that takes place in concert format at Theatre on the Run. The video will be used in multiple ways: as live stream at the time of the outdoor performances and for projections at Theatre on the Run.

Saturday, April 27, May 4, May 11 at 7:30 pm
Theatre on the Run
3700 S Four Mile Run Drive, Arlington Virginia 22206

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