DanceArtTheater is a professional dance company whose mission is to inspire, encourage, and enlighten students and audiences through dance. DanceArtTheater welcomes a diversity of people and wants to work with other artists in the community to enhance the joy that comes from training, performing and observing the art of dance. The company was established in April 2014 and is directed by Meredith Barnes. Since its beginning, DanceArtTheater has strived to contribute a unique voice to the dance community, and to foster deeper partnerships with companies and artists that also call the DMV their home. Here is what local critics had to say: “the artists and dancers were all beautiful to watch……this performance is a fine example of what artistic collaboration looks like, incorporating the skillsets of three individuals and coming away with a complex, intriguing performance piece.” Arielle Ostry DC Theatre Scene “This performance was extremely professional, well rehearsed, and filled with obvious talent. After moving through the story with the ensemble, I loved how it reached a lovely, yet unexpected ending. When it was over, I wanted it to see more.” Garinè Isassi DC Metro Theater Arts Follow us on Instagram and twitter @dancearttheater


DanceArtTheater will be performing their new work The Guardian. This is a company choreographed piece for 5 dancers that explores the notion there is a keeper or leader that influences our lives. These influences can guide and steer our paths. We can choose to follow or ignore the guardians inspiration.