Charlie Maybee recently relocated to Northern Virginia and began working with Jane Franklin Dance in August 2019. Charlie brings a rich creative background plus energy and curiosity to his various roles within the company and within the community.

What is your background in dance?
I consider myself a tap dancer first and foremost, though I have studied other forms extensively such as modern/contemporary dance and ballet. I got my BFA in Dance and Choreography from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in 2014, and I just graduated with my MFA in Dance and certificate in Criticism and Interpretive Theory from the University of Illinois in May 2019. I currently choreograph for my own company Polymath Performance Project, and teach dance at both American University and Shenandoah Conservatory – as well as with Go Bananas Dancing in Arlington.

What is your role with Jane Franklin Dance?
Right now, I’m an Administrative Assistant, so I handle the nitty gritty work of sending out press release information, updating our newsletter, handling social media posting and presence, editing our marketing material, and things like that. However, I also recently started working with JFD as a dancer in their piece Beauty and the Beat which is being performed at Charm City Fringe Festival in October, and I am very excited to be a part of that project as well.

What projects (artistic, community, or otherwise) are you currently working on?
Jane has recently trusted me to start doing more creative projects like writing small blog-esque posts about what’s going on with the company currently. For example I conducted the other two interviews for this newsletter, and am hoping to write a feature on Beauty and the Beat in the next couple weeks. I love writing about dance/performance, so this is a very exciting new project for me!

What excites you about working with Jane Franklin Dance?
Honestly, Jane’s longstanding presence in the DMV dance scene drew me in right away. But specifically, her work draws in both dance and theater influences and is often cross-disciplinary in nature, which I am a big fan of. As someone who is dancer, musician, write (and amateur visual artist and actor) I’m excited to be using all of my artistic inclinations in my various roles with JFD.

Can you share one highlight from your time so far with Jane Franklin Dance?
I have loved working with the cast of Beauty and the Beat. This particular piece is pushing me in ways that I have been hoping to be pushed as a performer, especially through the use of text in the performance. Despite the fact that I’ve only had two rehearsals for the piece so far, I feel like I’m already getting so much out the experience! Plus, Jane works with some amazing local dancers (and amazing people!), who are so wonderful to be working alongside of. There’s a strong sense of community being built for me already, and that’s exciting to feel given that I only moved to the DMV area a few months ago. JFD is already starting to feel like more than work – it’s beginning to feel more like family.