Explore simple themes through movement, theatre and visual art.    By the end of the week you’ll be on stage and be a star!
The typical camp consists of 5 – 15 students working under the guidance of professional educators.
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Teens over the age of 15 are eligible to Volunteer.  Find Out More
Ages 11-14 – Counselor-in-Training for camps with younger students.
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Fantastic Voyage  

Take a special summer trip with a creative journey of movement, theatre and visual art. Whether it’s camping, outer space, high in the mountains or in a haunted house, you’ll develop a show for family & friends by the end of the week.
June 24-28 Ages 7 – 11 and / Time: 9am-3pm / Ext. Hours: 3-5:30pm


The Big Meow

The Big Meow is the story of an ever-hopeful fluff-ball who desperately wants to belong to the band of neighborhood cats, but is ostracized for a “loud as a lion’s roar” meow.  The Big Meow is a story of hope, disappointment, courage and the need for belonging.  We explore these simple themes through movement, theatre and visual art, and perform our story by the end of the week for family and friends.
July 8-12 Ages 6 – 10 ENDED

Aug 12-16 Ages 5 – 9 / Time: 9am-3pm / Ext. Hours: 3-5:30pm


mouse in house

Mouse in House is a story about a friendship between a lively mouse and reclusive 19th-century poet Emily Dickinson. Find out about your creativity as you delve into this story through movement, theatre and visual art. Build a performance for the end of the week, and invite friends and family to join in.
Aug 5 – 9 Ages 7 – 10 / Time: 9am-3pm / Ext. Hours: 3-5:30pm


The Migration Project

Whether it is a family history dating back from multiple generations, or a recent relocation, we share experiences in travels taken, from one country to another or to a new community. Share your history and heritage through movement, theatre and visual art
Aug 19 – 23 Ages 9 – 12 / Time: 9am-3pm / Ext. Hours: 3-5:30pm


Camp Scholarships
Need-based Summer Scholarships are typically available for 10% – 40% off enrollment.  Scholarship Application

Volunteer for one week or more. This is a great way to gain community service hours. You will receive a letter of completion and certificate documenting your hours of service.  We welcome older adults as well as teens, age 15 and above.
Volunteer Packet Info: janefranklindance at gmail.com or call 703-933-1111


A $50 non-refundable registration fee is included in enrollment. Full refunds are issued if a camp is cancelled. (Camps may be exchanged up to 30 days prior to the start date. Missed camps may not be exchanged. No refunds after May 15, 2019.) All requests for refunds must be made in writing and sent to Jane Franklin Dance. In the event of illness we cannot offer a refund and we provide no make-up policy.

All purchases made through Jane Franklin Dance are subject to a transaction fee. This applies to all credit/debit transactions whether in person, online, or over the phone.

As per Arlington County requirements, all students 10 years old and younger must be escorted to and from the building by a parent or responsible adult, i.e. they may not be dropped off or picked up in the parking lot.  Enter the building from the back parking lot and sign in at the building monitor’s desk. Camp Packets include required media waiver and emergency contact forms for parents/guardians to sign and return to Jane Franklin Dance prior to camp start date.