Forty+ Projects celebrate the collective creativity of people past the age of 40 resulting in unique collaboration.  Projects explore movement and performance technique within a creative premise. 
Forty+ will meet weekly on Zoom and include in-person social distance outdoor rehearsals at the film locations.  The Fire Pit Party is an on-site filmed project in the Alcova Heights neighborhood of Arlington County. Dances will travel the neighborhood, from one fire pit to the next, and involve participants of all ages. Jane Franklin Dance will perform as well for the filmed production which will air on facebook live.  The project is open to people of all physical facilities. No previous performance experience is necessary.

Fire Pit Party with choreographer Jane Franklin and members of Jane Franklin Dance
Wednesday (Virtual Sessions) weekly 3 pm – 4 pm: $100
(Film date is March 21 at 4 pm)
Feb 24 – Mar 24

    • Download a description of adult programs: Adults
    • Contact us to bring Forty+ to your private or public organization.


Forty + – Snapshot