Performances for Children

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drawing by Cynthia Jabar


The Big Meow
The Big Meow is family-friendly performance inspired by the book by Elizabeth Spires.  It is the story of an ever-hopeful fluffball who desperately wants to belong to the band of neighborhood cats, but is ostracized for a “loud as a lion’s roar” meow.  The Big Meow is a story of hope, disappointment, courage and the need for belonging.  These simple themes are part of every neighborhood, but in this wonderful tale told through the experiences of  Little Cat, a potential weakness is a unique strength.




Paul Gillis Photography

Penelope’s  Pen
This new dance production for kids and the young at heart is inspired by Frank Dormer’s latest children’s book “The Obstinate Pen.” The humorous story is about a pen with a mind of its own. Children will love Jane Franklin Dance’s lighthearted 30-minute performance, which follows Penny, Aunt Pearl, and young Penelope on a silly and enlightening adventure.
Who knows what to do with a pen that has a will of its own? Not Aunt Pearl. But young Penelope has an idea …




Mouse in House
This work for children, adapted from the book by Elizabeth Spires, is about a mouse who forms a friendship with reclusive 19th-century poet Emily Dickinson. The mouse’s life changes forever when a gust of wind blows one of Emily’s poems her way. Moved by Emily’s evocative words that capture her own feelings, the mouse becomes determined to be a poet herself. Young audience members learn that everyone can write about their feelings and that even a common mouse is capable of creating beautiful poetry.


Please confirm all performances, locations and times as the schedule is subject to change.

Contact janefranklindance at or 703-933-1111 for information about birthdays and group rates.

Funding Available for in school  performances through the Virginia Commission for the Arts Touring Directory and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Paul Mellon Arts in Education ProgramThese shows may also be seen through Arlington County’s Humanities Project, Fairfax County Creative Arts Program.


Please note there are no refunds on tickets.