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To Dance is a Radical Act

Forty + is a group of performers past the age of 40.  Forty+ dancers meet weekly with a local contemporary choreographer to develop a work for performance.  The repertory for Forty+ is maintained year round, and performances frequently take place at centers serving older adults.  The aim of Forty+ is to engage with community participants, and to enjoy the expressive, rehabilitative, and restorative power of dance.  Forty+ is open to people of all physical facility, at any age, regardless of previous experience in the performing arts.  Please connect with Jane Franklin Dance at 703-933-1111 for information about Forty+.   Engage with the creative process!


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Sue Skaddan, Kelly Thompson, Colleen Bergeron, Barbara Slavin

Forty+ 2014 – 15 Season Project Schedule
1. Fall 2014 – Sept 9 – Oct 28 with choreographer Shannon Quinn
2. Winter 2014/15 – Nov 11, 18/ Dec 2, 9, 16/ Jan 6, 13, 20
3. Spring 2015 – Mar 3 – Apr 21 with choreographer Emily Crews

All classes take place at 3700 S Four Mile Run Drive, Arlington on Tuesdays from 11 am – 1 pm
Fee: $150 – 8 sessions  






Village at Rockville

Colleen Bergeron, Peg Schaefer, Claudia Maloney, Lindsay McLaughlin photo by Jane Franklin

The Isadora Effect
LaMothe beautifully expresses what hooked me into devoting my life to dance as a professional modern dancer. The “ahhh” exhilaration and communion with the universe is still a thrill at age sixty-seven. Not mentioned is that, in this age of pioneer work in brain function, dance has been recognized as a primal cognitive symbol-making system. Infants learn to “speak” movement, the language of dance, before forming words. The cognitive and educational importance of this has yet to be explored. Perhaps there is an “Isadora Effect” (Faber 2000) that rivals the “Mozart Effect.” ….Rima Faber
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